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NewsNotes Front-Page repositional labels create a powerful ad space for Newspapers. These 3"x3" ads drive substantial revenue, while providing a prominent, and exclusive location for advertisers to place their messages. NewsNotes have just the right amount of adhesive. They hold firm during the machine application process yet are easily removed to be reapplied elsewhere.


NewsNotes are printed on either Semi-gloss white or flat yellow paper stock. Make these ads as colorful as you want. You can use any of 1600 colors.


NewsNotes can be die cut into any shape you like. Provide your advertisers with visual recognition just by the shape of the NewsNotes ad. Front and Back printing provide your advertisers twice the space. Put the details on the back while high lighting their identity, offer and call-to-action on the front. Scratch-off NewsNotes drive extra customers through your advertisers front doors. With the right offer, this ad is not a gamble!

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NewsNote Print Sample

NewsNote Print Sample

NewsNote Print Sample

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